Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. med. Sven Hufnagel

Hyaluronic acid therapy at Prenzlauer Berg

Relieve pain and prevent joint wear

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that ensures good lubricity in the joints and supplies nutrients to the cartilage. The targeted injection of hyaluronic acid into the joint can relieve pain and slow down joint wear and tear. As a result, surgical interventions can be avoided or at least delayed.

How hyaluronic acid works

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the synovial membrane. In the case of severe joint wear (arthrosis), the highly viscous joint fluid (synovia) decreases, resulting in roughening of the cartilage surface and insufficient lubrication of the joint. The result is the typical pain on initial movement and stress-induced pain.

The hyaluronic acid treatment includes a series of three to five injections of synthetically produced and optimally tolerated hyaluronic acid into the joint. In order to achieve the best results, the therapy is given at intervals of one to two weeks. In our orthopedic practice we offer different types of hyaluronic acid differing in viscosity. This enables us to use the optimal product for your condition, improving the therapeutic success.