Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. med. Sven Hufnagel

Minimally invasive spinal pain therapy

Treatment of back pain with PRT and facet infiltration

Millions of Germans suffer from back pain. In many cases, the cause of the pain can be found in the spine, which runs from the buttocks to the neck. As part of the treatment of this common ailment, we offer minimally invasive pain therapy. This includes periradicular therapy (PRT) and facet infiltration.

Periradicular Therapy (PRT)

As part of the periradicular therapy, a highly effective drug is introduced to a nerve root that emerges from the spinal cord. In order to achieve an optimal result, the needle is placed under radiological or sonographic control so that the medication is injected with millimeter precision at the exact location.

This procedure is used in particular in the case of herniated discs or so-called degenerative neuroforamen stenoses, which causes narrowing of the nerves.

With PRT, an operation can often be avoided, since the neuronal irritation and the associated vicious reflex cycle are often interrupted in the long term.

Facet infiltration

The facet joints are the small vertebral joints that are responsible for stabilizing the spine. Osteoarthritis often develops here in old age. By means of a targeted infiltration of the small vertebral joints, chronic back pain can often be alleviated for a long time and an operation can be avoided or significantly delayed.

Cost of treatment

The costs are usually not covered by the statutory health insurance companies, since this therapy is a so-called IGEL service. The price depends on the scope and duration of the respective therapy. We are looking forward to discussing this with you in advance of the treatment.