Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. med. Sven Hufnagel

Orthopaedic services

Our range of services in the orthopedic surgery of Dr. Sven Hufnagel

Therapy begins after a comprehensive diagnosis. It is our aim to avoid surgical interventions as much as possible and instead to achieve recovery with sensible conservative treatment. This includes both, traditional and alternative methods. Depending on the diagnosis and composition, we offer you the following services.


Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is therefore a very old healing method that is now used successfully around the world. In addition to classic body acupuncture, we offer the use of ear acupuncture and permanent acupuncture needles.

Shock wave therapy

Shockwave therapy is a modern pain therapy that is increasingly being used with good results for musculoskeletal complaints. The shock waves can provide valuable diagnostic information and are a key therapeutic option in the treatment of orthopedic symptoms.

Hyaluronic acid therapy

The targeted injection of hyaluronic acid into the affected joint can relieve pain and slow down joint wear and tear. As a result, operations can often be avoided or at least delayed for quite some time.


If an operation is inevitable due to the condition of your disease, we will carry out the required surgery ourselves or refer you to an experienced specialist. We carry out the following surgeries ourselves: hip and knee endoprosthetics, knee arthroscopy, foot surgery and minor soft tissue interventions (e.g. material removal, CTS, annular ligament release).

Conservative orthopaedics

In our surgery, we emphasise the importance of carefully examining each patient and achieving recovery using alternative and traditional methods, avoiding surgical intervention as much as possible.

Neural therapy

Neural therapy is an alternative procedure. From a naturopathic point of view, the aim of this treatment is to positively influence certain reflex zones and disturbed functions by means of injections into the skin.

Minimally invasive spine therapy

The cause of back pain can often be found in the spine. As part of the treatment of this common ailment, we offer minimally invasive pain therapy. This includes periradicular therapy (PRT) and facet infiltration.

Additional services

In addition, we offer many other services for the treatment and diagnosis of orthopedic symptoms, such as kinesiology tape and sonography-guided injections. For example, when it comes to measuring the spine or running analysis, we sometimes work with partners within Berlin.